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The doctorprescribed, allnatural, weekly treatment is a customblended medication that is individually formulated for each patient. Every time we eat, a specific hormone is automatically released in our body that gives a feeling of fullness. The medicine targets the brain and mimics that full feeling, plus reduces appetite, slows stomach emptying and ultimately decreases your caloric intake.

Your body also has a “set point” which is the number on the scale your weight normally hovers around. The treatment plan creates a new, lower set point after you lose your weight goal amount.

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Newest Beginnings offers a hassle-free entry into our  weight management program at just $450 per month, no insurance needed!

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Why our clients love Newest Beginnings!

Haseen Taj
Haseen Taj
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My experience here has been great so far! I’ve lost 20 lbs in 2 months on their weight loss program and I’m excited to do emerald laser lipo soon! The staff is super friendly and supportive
Lana Sukhman
Lana Sukhman
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I cannot say enough good things about this facility: from the professionalism, customer service, to the treatments - everything is 5 stars all the way! If you want to feel good about yourself both mentally and physically, this is the place to go. The emerald laser worked wonders on my body! In addition, I have been losing weight and feeling great while doing so.
 Nevine Aly Local Guide·20 reviews·9 photos
Nevine Aly Local Guide·20 reviews·9 photos
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Great staff everyone one in there is really amazing I applied for the 5 months program never regret it I’m losing weight almost 15lb and I’m still half way .Karina is wonderful she ‘s always encouraging me and her courtesy is always beyond Thanks for the whole staff Laura , Violet and Artie I don’t wanna forget anyone guys.
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Absolutely love it here. They’ve helped me lose weight and feel great. Highly recommend.

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