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Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

TRT or androgen replacement therapy (ART) is a treatment that doctors give to males who have testosterone deficiency and are showing symptoms of hypogonadism. Taking prescription testosterone helps restore the levels of this hormone in the blood, reversing the symptoms of low testosterone.

Studies have found that women undergoing testosterone replacement were able to find success in reducing fatigue and depression symptoms, as well as increasing sex drive and improving mood. Additionally, a study of 51 women found that this treatment also brought stronger bones, more muscle mass, and more fat-free mass.

How our Program Works

Your Initial consultation will consist of you first visit to the office. You will meet with the doctor to discuss what your goals and what it can do for you and if you qualify for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. You will then go through a full physical examination followed by a blood test for lab work. Once your results come back you will come in for your second visit to discuss your options and the type of therapy will be best suited for you. Your dosage and frequency will be determined by the doctor based on your needs.  

TRT is good for your skin. (Hair Growth, Collagen Growth)

TRT is good for Muscle Growth and increased Strength and Stamina.

TRT is good for the Brain including your Sex Drive, Mood, Confidence, and Memory Function.

TRT is good for Bone Marrow and Red Blood Cell Production.

TRT is good for your Bones (Density and maintenance)

TRT is good for Sperm production as well as Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Growth.

Libido Enhancement

You can get your Sex Drive where you want it be.

Circulating levels of testosterone and estrogen decline as we age, and as a result our libido and sexual function tend to drop as well. As usual the first step with dealing with any negative aspects of aging is to address dietary and lifestyle factors that are contributing to the decline. Eliminating processed foods and sticking to a majority whole food plant based diet should be your foundation. A secondary aspect would be to balance your hormones. Making an appointment with a licensed physician who specializes in testosterone replacement therapy and hormone replacement therapy who can evaluate and correct hormone deficiencies or imbalances would be the next step.